Bon Spengler

American DJ / Texas Native: Since 2010 she’s hosted Proton Radio’s weekly Friday night underground demo mix show Bedroom Bedlam. Also is a talent scout for Proton Radio, Proton LTD, and submission label manager for Proton Sound System.

For the past 14 yrs her and her music partners have been active in building the Dallas Electronic Music scene by throwing club events and underground warehouse parties, by the name of Creme De La Creme, Lotus Ranch, Nothing But Techno, and host Static Interference a weekly Facebook DJ stream-cast, from her studio located in the warehouse district Dallas, TX. Her DJ sets span along the ways of obscure Techno, House, Disco, Dub, Ambient, Electro, Breaks, Industrial Atmospheres, Cosmic Jazz , UK, Detroit, Midwest Techno influences and psychedelic sounds in general.

Monikers past and current:
Hello Humanoids, Bon, Bon Spengler, BONS, BSMK, KAMPALA and Alkeme

Corey Spengler

Founder, Label Director of Pronton Limited. Nothing But Techno. Studied Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M. Builds stuff. Strongly dislikes cilantro.

Dina Ramirez

AKA Gypsy. The Oracle of Lotus Ranch. Artist, mom, dancer, welder, maker of things.

Robert Mitchell

AKA Rocket. Transportation, Logistics, and Lighting expert for Lotus Ranch. Owner and Founder at Blue Sea Adventures (he can teach you to scuba dive).

Vernon Meade

Follow Upper/Chief Waffle Inspector for Lotus Ranch. Black Rock Ranger. DOER OF THINGS.

Alberto Z. Martinez

Inventor, Designer, Engineer, Website Developer, DJ, and Astronomer. Nine year BM veteran. Duties include: Herding felines, troubleshooting/repairing faulty fallopian tubes, coordinating scavenger hunts, & baking apple pies.